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Racing Simulator

Sim-Action is specializing in the development and the manufacturing of racing cockpit-stations

The Sim-Race Chassis is born for real passionate racing car drivers and gamers. Sim-Race is designed to feel and be as close as possible to real driving ergonomics and comfort. Built with a telescopic chassis and includes a mount for your steering wheel, an adjustable backrest racing seat and two small wheels on the front of the chassis that allows you to easily move your sim-race.

Compatible for driver from 1.30 cm to 1.90 cm in height, the high quality and style of Sim-race will not let anyone miss out on the fun.
Easy to assemble and ready to race straight out of the box. The Sim-Race has been developed and tested by real drivers and gamers, to bring you closer to a real experience of a racing car driver.
Virtual to real, our trademark will bring you to the pole.